I have spent almost my entire adult life listening and talking to people professionally in one capacity or another.

  • I have 6+ years as an On-Air talent, producer and engineer at multiple local radio stations. Including live events and remote broadcasts.
  • I have 25+ years as a technology instructor, support specialist, and customer service specialist. 
  • I have taken frequent side trips speaking at conventions, presenting to professional groups, consulting on all things technology, and providing individual technical training to people of all ages and levels of experience. 
  • And I’ve spent my entire life talking to myself.

I approach every project with thoughtful ingenuity, a logical and observant mind, a quick wit, an unconventional approach, and a minimal ego. I have a subtle style that makes every detail of your project more influential. Your project is always the star. Combining meticulous attention to detail and out of the box creativity, I can quickly assess what your project needs to stand out and I will provide a fresh new perspective to accomplish that.

Let me be your “secret weapon” for VO projects. I listen, innovate, and then surprise and delight you with the finished project.

Serving clients Worldwide from a fully outfitted professional recording studio in Tucson, AZ. I am equipped to handle all of your voice over needs. From retail ready audiobook production, to custom audition pieces, to technical narration, and everything in between. I can provide a wide range of voice over services to make your projects shine.

If you are looking for a new way to approach your project, contact me. for a free consultation. Don’t just play the game, change it!

Studio Equipment

  • WhisperRoom vocal booth
  • Audio Technica microphone
  • Custom configured digital audio workstation tailored for Voiceover.
  • Phone patch available
  • Quick access to local source connect/ISDN studios